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Membership Benefits

  • Part of the singular leading network of sustainability professionals in Nigeria: ASPN is a first of its kind to standardise the understanding and practice of sustainability in Nigeria.
  • Participation in sustainable development efforts: Opportunity to associate with other leaders to accelerate sustainable development in Nigeria
  • Influencing and collaboration opportunities: The ASPN will afford the opportunity to partner and collaborate, pioneer, develop, and deliver strategic, actionable and impactful initiatives and business solutions.
  • Access to global platforms for growth: Through our international partnership(s), access to valuable resources, opportunity to share and learn leading practices in sustainable development, and to network with business leaders and members of the global community for sustainability.
  • Reputation enhancement: Members of the ASPN will enjoy recognition from peers, industry and beyond.
  • Showcase contribution and impact: The ASPN will act as a platform to showcase the contribution of its members on sustainable development.